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How Does It Work?

Ideally, participants experience this program in community with others—with family, a group of friends, a church group, or maybe a book club. This ensures each person will have the support, accountability and prayer needed to make lasting changes. The 7 lessons can be facilitated by anyone with the desire to help others (as well as themselves) and the facilitator materials are free of charge and available below.

“Everything so devoted is most holy to the Lord.”
                                                       Leviticus 27:28

100% of the profits of Devoted Bodies are donated to missions organizations.

How to Start a Devoted Bodies Group

It doesn’t matter if you are the picture of health, 100 pounds overweight or battling a serious disease. Committing to the journey and inviting others to join you is what facilitating Devoted Bodies is all about. A facilitator guide is available for each lesson and includes a memory verse, discussion questions and class activities. The facilitator’s role is to love and encourage class members, to keep the discussion on track and to promote the participation of each person.

For facilitators who want to promote participation through their church, here are some helpful resources:

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