Lynora Bayless

Jump-Start Your Nutrition

If you asked Lynora Bayless to boil down her nutrition recommendations to one or two things, she would immediately respond: “drink more water and eat more plants!” Most people know the importance of both of these recommendations, yet getting it done can feel like climbing Mt. Everest. Here are two places to start.

1. Begin moving towards a plant-based diet.

It’s pretty basic—those who eat the most plants win! If you aren’t convinced, check out our resources page and view a couple of the recommended films, starting with the Forks Over Knives documentary.

If you currently plan every meal around meat you might wonder, “what would I eat?” You will be pleasantly surprised at the variety and incredible flavors available in the plant world. In Lynora’s 7-week faith-based study called Devoted Bodies, there are shopping lists, meal plans and dozens of recipes. is another terrific resource for recipes and motivation.

2. Set yourself up for success.

In 1994, Lynora partnered with the Juice Plus+® Company for one simple reason. The company offered affordable and effective tools to help people get more fruits, vegetables and other plant foods into their diet. If we’re honest, most of us could use a little help!

The first tool is a compact aeroponic growing system called the Tower Garden®. It allows you to grow your own organic fruits and vegetables —inside or out— in a very small space.

If you’re not ready for farming or to add anything else to your plate, no worries! The Company also offers fruit and vegetable products where they oversee the growing process without using herbicides and pesticides, harvest the produce at the peak of ripeness (and nutrient density), juice the fruits and vegetables, remove the water and then deliver concentrated juice powders into capsules for adults, and chewables for children. There are three blends of Juice Plus+®: fruit, vegetable and berry/grape providing nutrition from 30 of the most nutrient-dense plant foods on the planet.

Whether you just need a little support or are looking for a nutrition overhaul, Juice Plus+® offers a wide range of programs—from making one simple change at a time, to a 10-day kick-start program called Shred10 that focuses on detox rather than dieting. This program adds in a delicious plant-based smoothie that includes another 15 plant foods.