Lynora Bayless

Meet Lynora Bayless

Lynora believes that living a whole, healed, put-together life (as described in Romans 6:22-23 MSG) requires attention to the mind, body and soul. As a preacher’s daughter and student of scripture, faith is the guiding force in her life. When her family faced devastating health challenges, she trusted that good would come from it. Indeed it has. She pursued a career path centered on staying well and thriving instead of worrying about the genes she was dealt. Her unique brand of “whole health” has impacted thousands of lives. A graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Lynora is a Diet and Lifestyle Intervention Counselor with Wellness Forum Health, Author of Devoted Bodies (a 7-week faith based study on the care of our “temples”), National Marketing Director with The Juice Plus+® Company, a Certified Wellness Coach and Health Educator, business and spiritual mentor/teacher, and a nationally known speaker. Learn more about how Lynora can help using the links provided.