Lynora Bayless

Lynora's 7-Week Health Study

Join us for a journey to optimum health through a 7-week faith-based study called Devoted Bodies. Regardless of your religious beliefs, you will begin to see that the building blocks of health are as ancient as the Bible itself. During the 7 weeks you will be able to:

  • Thoroughly evaluate your relationship with food.
  • Fully appreciate the miracle of God’s design for health and the freedom it brings—freedom from illness, excess weight and food addiction.
  • Participate in a 40-day challenge, taking time to eat in a new, health-promoting way.
  • Grasp the realities of our food supply.
  • Examine your health from a stewardship perspective—taking care of your body ensures you will be here to accomplish the things you desire, and for the people you love.
  • Come to grips with the powerful seduction of the food and pharmaceutical culture you live in and how your thinking about sickness and recovery has been affected.
  • Set aside any limiting beliefs you have concerning your diet, health and weight.
  • Receive many practical steps for living life whole: body, mind and soul. The support starts with meal plans, recipes and even grocery lists.

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