Lynora Bayless

Science Based Decision Making

Google and other search engines have changed our lives in many wonderful ways. However, when it comes to collecting health advice and accurate information, search engines are a dangerous place to start or hang out. Believe it or not, you could find someone who promotes eating/juicing carrots as a wonderful way to support your health and someone else who tells you it will give you cancer.

Lynora Bayless received much of her post-graduate education through Wellness Forum Health based in Columbus, Ohio. “What I appreciate about Dr. Popper and WFH, is that all advice is based on actual science—and not on single studies, but a good body of evidence to support any position taken,” says Lynora. "It is like a health-specific search engine where you’ll never encounter any junk or bias".

Lynora is a Diet and Lifestyle Intervention Counselor with Wellness Forum Health and recommends her clients join the Forum. As members, they can research any health topic with utmost confidence. Wellness Forum Health also offers a wide variety of distance learning classes for those wishing to expand their health knowledge.